Commies For Kerry!

J and I were watching some of the moonbat march on C-Span yesterday. During a discussion of how the Viet Nam war spawned a professional protester class, we looked at each other and said "are they saying what I think they're saying?" at roughly the same time. Someone was chanting "Communists for Kerry." Both of us found this rather amusing, as that's a sure way to turn off middle America. Well, it turns out that it's both true and not true.

There's this group, who are mocking Kerry and what he stands for this week. I saw a couple of pictures of them around and about. My immediate thought was "Hmm, looks like Protest Warrior." Not too far off, I suppose. Nice graphic design, too.

However, it turns out that the actual Commies are endorsing Kerry. The CPUSA will blather on about not endorsing candidates and not fielding a candidate of their own but want Bush to lose. Sounds like a Kerry endorsement to me, but I'm not subtle and nuanced. Hell, even the National Chair of the Communist Party talks about how to help Kerry so as to defeat Bush. So the official Commie line is to help Kerry, even though we're not endorsing him. This isn't an endorsement how, exactly? Of course, an official CPUSA endorsement is not something a mainstream candidate wants to receive and put in the press release, is it? Despite the end of the cold war, the average American voter has a great antipathy towards communism. Any political movement with a body count in the 9 figure range might have that problem. I just can't think of any other political movements with that high a body count.

On a somewhat related note, protesters need to decide who their posters are aimed at and design accordingly. Want to be seen on TV? Big letters, lots of contrast, avoid magic marker scrawls. The posters with magic marker become damn near illegible on television. Simple black on white works really well if the letters are professionally printed. The more crap you festoon on your poster, the harder it is to read when it's 2 inches tall on screen. On the other hand, if you're just preaching to the choir that's present, do whatever works, I guess. I don't pretend to know how to design to appeal to leftists.

Update: Communists For Kerry reminds me of Protest Warrior because it is. No wonder the posters have the same style.


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