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Reading this little blurb yesterday was enough to piss me off thoroughly, because this is a white hot issue with me. Living almost my entire life in the Houston area gives me a slightly different perspective than those who have no experience living in one of the southern “border states”. Illegal immigration is like a plague to us; it infects and destroys everything it touches. Contrary to what the immigration race baiters would have people believe, almost all of us (save a few nuts) in these areas harbor no ill whatsoever toward those kind folks who come to America legally to live, work, and maybe become naturalized citizens. We admire what they went through to get here and make it. Many of us desire to and actively help them along in their pursuits. These folks exemplify the best about America.

The experience in Texas with those who are here illegally is this: illegals refuse to learn our language or assimilate into our culture. They subsequently destroy decent neighborhoods, expect special treatment, and drain our limited resources. Visit the Navigation/Harrisburg or Denver Harbor areas in Houston, and now vast sections of Pasadena, and you’ll find what looks like filthy, burned out Mexican border towns. There are no property values in these places. Crime drives people from their homes. And don’t make the mistake of needing an emergency room in the city. Illegals receive free (read: taxpayer funded), non-emergency medical care through these venues, so emergency rooms waiting areas look like third-world free clinics. If you have health insurance and a bone broken in half, sticking out through your forearm, as long as it isn’t life threatening, you can expect to wait several hours in an emergency room lobby behind Julio with his head cold. The Donks complain about how Texans are underinsured, but they won’t tell you why. Look no further than the illegal populations. And we here in Texas are footing the bill.

The idea that we even pontificate about selectively enforcing immigration laws in this era or national security just enrages me. I heard some nitwits complaining about how this “expanded power” of border patrol is a violation of civil rights. Every person who truly believes that these criminal invaders are somehow oppressed by being denied illegal access to this country should be required to live for one year along the Mexican border; being held personally responsible for the preservation of a residence and their personal property, while having access to only the area resources available. After the year in residence, if these enlightened folks still believe the same as when they came, then let them go back to their Manhattan high-rises or their Georgetown condos and preach. Otherwise, I am sure these heroes could use the extra help.

I say in Texas we should try this alternative. Let’s take the Federal Government off the Texas/Mexico border for a while--just follow me here. Replace them with a heavily armed Texas National Guard. Something most non-Texans don’t know is that in Texas it is legal here to shoot trespassers. You don’t have to ask them off your property, although it is a good idea, but you can shoot them. Utilizing the same logic, because illegal border crossers are trespassers, enforce Texas law: shoot them. People who don’t use the proper legal channels to cross the border should be treated as trespassers and shot. Harsh? Yes. Warranted? Absolutely. A true commitment to national security requires no less.

I would say about those illegals already here, that every single contact with law enforcement, or any government service for that matter, should be viewed as an opportunity to enforce the law of the land. Illegals don’t go to the DPS for a license, because if they do, then they should be arrested and deported. Illegals who are pulled over for speeding should be immediately arrested and deported. Those who go to a hospital and cannot provide proper documentation of legal residence should be reported to authorities for immediate deportation. Illegals who attempt to enroll children in school should arrive to meet with the INS and a set of handcuffs. I think you understand my point.

Many argue that the restaurant, custodial, and construction businesses to name a few, would collapse if immigration laws were strictly enforced. I say OK…and? The people who hire illegals are equivalent criminals to the Enron, Tyco, and Global Crossing guys, so they should be all sharing jail cells. These industries will rebound and rebuild. There should be no incentive, financial, or legal, for business owners who hire illegals. Business owners who are caught should suffer debilitating financial penalties and face stiff jail time. The truth is that our collective savings as citizens would offset any increased prices that would result from hiring proper domestic, legal, labor. If we have a worker shortage as a result, then we can investigate the need for increasing our legal immigration quotas.

It is time for all of us to operate within the law. The Mexican government must be required to fix its corrupt economic and political system, and stop using the United States as an escape route for its downtrodden and criminal masses. How they treat the invaders of their Southern border is very enlightening. The United States needs to stop playing the role of enabler and financier, ceasing its dependence upon this criminal labor stream that ultimately serves to damage its citizens. The bottom line is that the key word with the “illegal immigrant” is ILLEGAL. Like it or not, these people are criminals by their very nature of being here. Nobody can be an “honest citizen” if they are here illegally, and there is no right to perpetrate crimes in this country...contrary to what the great unwashed mass of activists would have you believe.


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