Keyes opens the Door in Illinois

I am a huge fan of Alan Keyes. I have seen him speak on several occasions and he is very exciting. I’m part of the 4% of the population who voted for him in the 1996 presidential primary when he ran against Bob Dole, and I’m the other person in America who watched “Alan Keyes is Making Sense” on MSNBC. Yeah, I’ll bet you couldn’t even remember the title, but like I said, I think the gentleman is a star. I watched every night. He is a public figure who I truly admire.

It is my deep admiration for Dr. Keyes that prompted my great disappointment this morning when I learned that he had decided to take the bait for the Senate seat in Illinois. Dr. Keyes is a Federalist, and I thought he understood the importance of true representative Democracy. He is a man who maintains his principles despite the lack of popularity, or subsequent ridicule, and was one of the first to criticize Hillary Rodham Clinton when she carpetbagged herself into a New York Senate Seat. He and Antonin Scalia are two of the greatest constitutionalists of my lifetime, and now Alan Keyes has sold out. It is tragic and a betrayal.

So tragic in fact, that I find myself actually agreeing with Senator Dick Dustbin (D-Ignut) when he said, "Twelve and a half million people in our state, and the Illinois Republican Party was unable to come up with one person to run for the United States Senate." The Illinois Republican party should be ashamed of itself and Chairman Topinka fired for malfeasance if the situation with her state party has truly come to the point where her organization is unable or unwilling to find a proper intrastate candidate.

Although I don’t think he should run, I hope and pray for Dr. Keyes’ victory. I would love for this great man to hold elective office. I am deeply saddened because this should end any viable political career I hope he would’ve had, because I don’t think he’ll beat Barack Obama. I do think, however, that he would make an outstanding Senator…one of the best…representing the State of Maryland.


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