The New York Stampede: Day 1

Allow me to begin by stating how refreshing it is to finally get to this convention. The Donkfest had me a little down. Couple that with the fact that I will admit that I wasn’t expecting too much out of the first night, as I don’t particularly care for either Mr. McCain or Mr. Giuliani. I can now, however, say that I was pleasantly surprised, especially with Mr. Giuliani.

I have the utmost respect for Mr. McCain’s service to our country; however I honestly believe that part of him was left in that cage in Vietnam. All of his oars aren't firmly in the water, so to speak, and I do not agree with him on many issues. He is as stinking a liberal weenie as the rest, and just happens to be strong on defense. He’s Lieberman without the whine. And, last night, his speech was moving, extremely well written, and equally poorly delivered. His timing was awful. It was a speech that President Reagan would’ve delivered with beauty and grace; the kind of speech delivered by a great orator who wants to capture the heart of a nation. Unfortunately, McCain was there to show his support for President Bush, and his speech was not that of a person expressing support for another candidate. Yes, there were the obligatory references to how good a job President Bush and Vice President Cheney have done, but I got the distinct impression that somehow, Mr. McCain was trying to almost play pretend that HE was THE GUY. I almost expected him to say “I accept your nomination as the next President of the United States.”

Note to John McCain: you lost the nomination 4 years ago and the party faithful will not elect you to a higher office than you currently hold. Enjoy your term as Arizona senator, and please retire soon.

Mr. Giuliani, on the other hand, knew exactly what he was there to do, and performed like a dream. Some say his speech ran long, but I think that it was entertaining and engaging enough to excuse his time lapse. Despite McCain’s feeble attempts to overshadow all else, Mr. Giuliani was definitely the star of the night, and I think he was probably the best I’ve seen him. He provided a moving and unique perspective on where we’ve come as a nation since September 11th, he demonstrated unflinching support for President Bush, and grabbed John Kerry by his record and shook his guts out. Kudos to him as well for the Euroweenie swipe. He was inspired, and I found myself standing and cheering from my living room at his comments. I was even more impressed when I learned this morning that not all of his speech was prepared, that on several occasions he went off script. I hope I don’t see Mr. Giuliani being especially successful on the national political stage, but I wish him all the best with his future in New York, as I believe he may be the only man with any chance in hell of taking Hillary’s Senate seat and effectively ending her career. I hope he goes for it.

There are a few miscellaneous points I want to address.

1. I’m glad to see more stupid looking patriotic outfits. That is essential to every convention and was extremely lacking at the Donkfest.

2. I’m also happy to notice that the young people, unlike their counterparts a month ago, appear clean and are dressed professionally.

3. I like the stage backdrop at the convention, but not the podium. That little dark patchwork-looking wood podium looks like a lost little afterthought amongst what otherwise looks like a strong and classy presentation.

4. This is kind of stupid, but I actually like the fact that all the Texas delegates were dressed alike. I told you it was stupid, but it still kind of gave me a Texan warm fuzzy. YEE HAW!!! OK, nobody here actually says that, seriously.

5. It didn’t go without notice, to me anyway, that the moonbat protesters, caged in Boston, are roaming about New York City with wild abandon. Aschcroft’s America isn’t so oppressive, now is it?


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