Friday’s Free Form Hostility

I’m really spectacularly sick of loser liberals saying anybody who wants their taxes cut is just greedy and selfish. After all, government is necessary and someone has to pay for it and you shouldn’t object to paying your fair share and blah, blah, blah, blah. I got one simple answer for this line of thinking: Shut the fuck up.

Why? Because all of you people have your collective head up your fat flabby ass. The government we have is not worth what we’re paying for it.

You’re goddamned right I’m tired of paying taxes. I’ve been paying taxes all my fucking life and what has it gotten me? Not a whole fucking hell of a lot. Let’s run down the list, shall we? I pay for dumb-ass cops that think filling out an accident report is a waste of their fucking time. I pay for school systems that can’t even teach kids to speak fucking English, much less read or write it. I pay for city governments that are so goddamned incompetent they can’t even implement a traffic program without the state banning it or somebody suing the crap out of the city. I pay taxes to a state that can’t seem to figure out how to pay for schools but has no problem running a lottery. I pay taxes so state workers can opt out of Social Security and get better pensions than I can. I pay my property taxes so elected officials can collude with appraisal districts to get sweetheart deals on property appraisals. I pay money so school districts can admit they raise taxes instead of trying to find efficiencies and eliminate waste. And the feds? I can pay somebody a decent salary for a year with what we pay in federal taxes. What did that get me? It got me and all the rest of you fuckers Leviathan. It got me a system where people have to go to court so states won’t condemn their homes to build a business park. It got me a government that is the largest employer in the country. It got me a system where half the fucking people in this country don’t pay for the government. It got me a handful of promises to old people that will bankrupt the country. It got me a bunch of unelected dimwits that sit in office buildings in DC that think they know how everybody else should be living their life. It got me a government that can’t even manage to secure the borders, then gives me cops that won’t enforce the immigration laws. It got me a class of professional parasites who exist to make sure that somebody gets more of the money getting handing out. It got me a legal system so arcanely complex that nobody can say with certainty at any time if they are or are not violating the law. It got me a justice system that would rather put people in jail for selling bongs than try to catch violent criminals.

What did I get for my money? I got a system that functions poorly when it functions at all. I’m supposed to want to pay for it? Guess again, Sparky. Yeah, I want my taxes cut. Hell, I want a refund.


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