Bloody Oxen Chunks

So anyone who reads blogs has seen the CNet interview with Bradley Smith of the FEC by now. A lot of people with blogs are jumping up and down and decrying the assault on the First Amendment. They might apply campaign finance regulations to the Internet and blogs! This is awful!

Duh. Showed up a little bit late to the party, did we? Didn’t anyone notice that the legislative disaster pawned off by John McCain and Russ Feingold was unconstitutional before now? Or did it only matter when it started to affect you and your blog? I’m not feeling a lot of love right now for a lot of people. Either you were against the unholy excrement that is McCain-Feingold from the beginning because it was a blatant assault on the free speech rights of the people, or you’re just a whiny bitch that’s upset because your ox got gored. I’m suspecting there’s a lot of people in the second category hopping up and down right now. Color me cynical, I suppose. After all, it’s fine to regulate all those other people, just not me.

Whatever. I’ve been pissed off about campaign finance reform since SCOTUS forgot how to fucking read and said it was constitutional. Up until that point, I was only aggravated. I honestly thought the Supreme Court was literate and wouldn’t let it stand. I guess that’s what I get for thinking, huh? I won’t make that mistake again. All you people getting mad now need to take a good hard look at what you were doing when it passed and got upheld. At least Mitch McConnell had the stones to take it to court. If you weren’t screaming mad then (I was. Ask J about my tendencies to loudly verbally abuse the TV set.) you really don’t have any call to be mad now.


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