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What in the hell is the House Committee on Government reform doing? Somebody please explain to me how the steroid use or non-use of millionaire athletes is any business of the United States Congress. Please, I’m begging for someone to explain this to me before my head explodes. Aren’t steroids already illegal? What more can Congress do? Are representatives going to waggle their fingers and say “Bad athlete! No endorsement for you!” in some sort of political burlesque? Surely there’s some part in the massive edifice of the federal government that has more pressing and immediate need of reform. Say, maybe BIA or T S A or possibly even the Border Patrol.

In a similar vein, how exactly is Terri Schiavo’s situation a subject for the federal government’s inquiry? (Ace has lots of coverage if you’re unaware.) While I agree her case is, in my view, a travesty of justice due to the blatant conflict of interest, I fail to see how any interference by the federal government is warranted, justified, or even legal. Funny, but an actual lawyer thinks it isn’t legal. Your elected officials are engaging in a power grab, again.

Given the variety of actual problems confronting the country, why are these dolts wasting time on things like this? Maybe it’s because all of the problems we currently face are difficult and doing something to fix them will piss off a significant or influential subset of the population, whereas grandstanding on minor issues is easy, looks good, and has no personal cost. Hmm. No, my elected officials wouldn’t be so shameless and transparent, would they?

Oh, wait. Yes, they would. For further examples, see John McCain’s entire career.


Blogger Ontario Emperor said...

It's not a power grab - it's a headline grab. Perhaps we should just let the Congresspeople blog to get attention, rather than actually allowing them to pass laws where they can do some damage.

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