Bad Advertising

Max Sparber over at Metroblogging New Orleans has a complaint about local commercials. I’d like to second his observation. I see a lot of low-rent commercials for local businesses. Right up there with children is the lame humor delivered as woodenly as humanly possible. A local appliance place does one commercial that has J about ready to walk in and tell them she’s never buying anything from them, ever, because their commercial is so horrible.

Another bad advertising tactic I see, mainly from realtors, is the incessant plastering of the face all over business cards and billboards. Most of these people are not attractive and didn’t get good photos done. It’s a little unnerving to see a crappy 20 foot tall picture of someone next to the road. It doesn’t inspire confidence in their judgement, either. At some point, you should have looked at this critically and asked if it was a good idea. It generally isn’t.


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