Jump On Jimmuh!

Well, I see that Captain Ed is pointing out how Jimmy Carter got snubbed for the Pope’s funeral. I’m sure we’re all shocked that a guy who’s acted like an asshat to the sitting President at every opportunity didn’t get invited. We here at YPS will take the opportunity to bash Jimmy Carter again. It’s simple, much like he is, and affords us great pleasure.

Seriously, why does anybody pay attention to him anymore? The Carter Center has managed to become more of an irrelevant joke than the old peanut-grubber himself. Oops, can’t go certify an election because that might be dangerous. We’ll stick to sucking up to dictators in this hemisphere! Yeah, Habitat for Humanity is a good thing and all, but so what? Why does some retired guy building houses for poor people rate news coverage? If my dad signs up for Habitat for Humanity and starts spouting his donk nonsense, nobody will care. The major difference between my dad and Jimmy Carter is that my dad was actually competent in his chosen career field. Jimmy Carter was possibly the worst President of the 20th century and in the running for most incompetent of all time. Why does he think he’s relevant anymore? He’s become a bitter old man ever since every policy he ever had has been discredited by the passage of time. It’s well past time for Jimmuh to sit down and have a nice hot cup of STFU.

Update: It appears that he was invited to go and declined. I guess you can ignore that first paragraph. The second one remains perfectly valid, though.


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