Socky Berger

I eagerly note that Sandy Berger has finally ‘fessed up to his criminal behavior. Instapundit nails him to the wall:
So Berger stole, and destroyed, classified documents as part of a politically motivated coverup. Let's just be clear about that. Criminal penalties, aside, the man's career in public life should be over, and he certainly should never have access to classified documents again.
I can only add that the rest of us would not have walked away so cavalierly after what he did. Jail time would have resulted. I also am baffled that his clearance was only suspended for 3 years. What do you have to do to get it revoked permanently? I would think stealing and shredding documents would prove that you are not capable of being trusted with classified material. We’re supposed to wait three years and he’ll be all better? Uh, no. This begs the question of why a guy who no longer works for the government has a clearance in any fashion, but I’ll let that slide.

I still maintain he hid the documents in his socks, by the way. He’s lied about everything else up until now, why wouldn’t he lie about that?


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