In a surprising electoral upset, Canadians have been elected to run Canadia. I’m having trouble locating Canadia on my map… oh, never mind. That’s Canada. Okay, I guess that’s not so surprising after all. However, the news of the Conservative party winning is apparently startling to some, and by some I mean two of the six US residents that actually follow Canadian politics. The other four are graduate students writing a thesis or dissertation on Canadian politics and they were out getting drunk to celebrate the possible relevance of their degrees.

Oh, wait. I have just been informed that many US residents are in fact Canadians, and thus, care deeply about what happens in Canada. Not deeply enough to live there and deal with the stultifying mess socialist weenies have made of the economy, but deeply enough to follow it on the news from the security of a US residence. Trust me when I tell you that’s more care than any American born in the US has for Canada. Hell, my company sells things to Canada all the time. We only care insofar as they send us money. If they quit sending us money, we’d quit caring in a heartbeat.

I guess this is probably a good thing for the Canucks since any little bit helps. Still, a "conservative" Canadian is still pretty close to a filthy socialist in this neck of the woods. Besides, no matter how conservative he may be, he’s still a flip-top and not to be trusted.


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