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I am killing some spare time today browsing the web for tools. I need a miter saw to build a deck on the back of the house. It’s not a very big deck, so I probably don’t need a very big miter saw. However, I have grand aspirations of doing other things with my tools later. I have, in the past, been bitten by buying a tool adequate for my current needs and realizing later that I needed more capacity because my needs changed. There’s a 14 inch electric chainsaw in the garage that I have come to loathe because of the issue. There’s nothing wrong with the chainsaw. It is just inadequate for my needs. I keep putting off a new chainsaw because I hope to sell my current house and not need a chainsaw. This keeps getting delayed, so I keep using the pathetic little one. Consequently, I keep getting frustrated and annoyed with the chainsaw because it won’t do what I need it to without extra effort. It's entirely not the fault of the chainsaw.

Anyhow, I’m shopping for a miter saw and I don’t want to make the same mistake. I’m leaning towards a 12 inch, because sooner or later I’m going to want to do something that a 10 inch just won’t do, like cut 4x4s in one pass. Ideally, I’d have the money to get a sliding 12 inch. Honestly, that’s probably overkill for anything I’m ever going to do. Plus, a sliding 12 inch saw immediately doubles the price. It’s one thing to debate the merits of 10 versus 12 when your price differential is in the $50-$75 range. It’s quite another to look at the price doubling for feature I may never need. I’m going to need to cut a 4x4 at some point in my existence. I’m not yet going to ditch my fascinating job in the field of oil industry project management to make furniture or frame houses. I don’t think I’m ever going to need the capability of a 12 inch sliding saw. If I do, I’ll have a miter saw, a circular saw, and a table saw. I can probably get where I’m going with the three saws I’ll soon have. I am leaning towards a Craftsman 12 inch miter saw. I can get a little more bang for the buck in terms of features than I can with the DeWalt that is my first choice. I’ll have to mull it over and see. Sears is having a sale until the end of the week. Hopefully I can make a decision by then.


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