Range Report: SA Mil-Spec

We took the birthday present out to the range on Saturday. We went over to Marksman Indoor Range in South Houston and put just under 200 rounds of through the pistol. I'm not going to venture any opinions as to the accuracy of the pistol yet. Given how out of practice I am at this point, it's capable of more accuracy than I am. It seems like it's shooting a little low compared to point of aim. I am given to understand this is not uncommon with Springfield pistols. However, the rounds are also going a little to the right, which is definitely an issue on my part. I'm reluctant to blame the pistol for anything without more practice. The problems were more noticeable on the bullseye targets. When I switched over to using silhouettes the problems were noticeably less. I can dump a full mag into either the head or the center of the chest with no problems. This reinforces my conclusion that the problem is me, not the pistol. I'm way more used to using silhouettes than bullseyes.

J probably shot about 50 of the 200 rounds. This was more in the nature of familiarization fire for her than anything else. She had never fired a pistol before, so it was a fun learning experience. She enjoyed herself, which is key to getting her to go back. She didn't find the recoil of the .45 unmanageable. What was more of an issue was the simple weight of the gun. A 1911 is a big chunk of steel and holding it out at arm's length is not something J is used to doing. Her shoulders are a little tight and sore still. Given how long it's been since I taught pistol marksmanship to anyone, I think enrolling her and me in NRA basic pistol might be an good option. She'll definitely get some use out of it, and I'm never averse to instruction. There's always more to learn, right?

Anyhow, out of 192 rounds of Winchester White Box, we had no failures to fire or extract. I had two feed failures at the end of the session, one out of the factory mag and one out of an old stainless mag I have left over from my last .45, 13 years ago. I think that's again due to me. By that time, it had dawned on me that the combination of no breakfast or lunch and too much coffee is not a recipe for success at the range. No problems at all with the Chip McCormick mags, and just the two feed failures out of the other ones. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the performance. Now all I need to do is get back out there and practice more so I'm not a complete loser. I'd report group sizes, but I'm way too embarrassed. My groups sucked ass, so I'll hold off on reporting numbers until I get some more practice in and get them down to less than the paper size.


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