Unexpected Optimism

David Bernstein thinks the Hamas victory will cause them to move away from terrorism. I’d make sarcastic comments about this, but I haven’t got the energy.

If it didn’t work with the PLO, why the fuck do you think it’s going to work with Hamas? What are you, stupid? All this does is legitimize the tactic of terrorism. After all, if you slaughter enough people, you can be a government! Historically, it’s the best shot at becoming a government. It worked for the Bolsheviks, it worked for the Chicoms, it worked for Yasser and the PLO, it can work for Hamas.

I sincerely appreciate the desire for peace on the part of many people in the Middle East. However, there are diverging definitions of the word. For Hamas, "peace" means the destruction of Israel and lots of dead Jews. If Israel’s definition of "peace" included Palestinian genocide, we’d be through with this whole argument, wouldn’t we? The Israelis have the capability to unleash wholesale slaughter upon the Palestinians on a scale not seen since WWII or earlier. The fact that they haven’t yet done so should provide a clue to the dimmest among us as to which side is worth supporting.

Now Bush is saying the Abu of the month in charge of the PA should not step down. Screw that. The Palestinians have made their choice as to which group of muderous thugs they prefer. Let them live with the decision. I know it's a painful concept for all liberals and many conservatives, but democracy sometimes means the masses make stupid decisions. The Palestinians just did, so let them choke on it.


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