Clash of the Custodians

Custodians in Houston are currently being bamboozled into paying for luxury automobiles for Union Bosses. "Janitors for Justice", (the SEIU) appears to have conned the the kindly folks who maintain our offices at night by misleading them about Houston's healthcare crisis. What nobody seems to want to point out is that the crisis in Houston is caused by the laws that force hospitals and clinics to treat "immigrants" regardless of their criminal illegal status. But alas, another day, another story.

Professional Janitorial Service is an outfit that has refused the sirens' song. Their staff is mostly part-timers, and not interested paying the confiscatory dues. As a result, they're taking a beating from the SEIU for not falling in line. Check out the latest Houston Business Journal, if you haven't seen the attack ad.

Given that every single industry touched by a union is either completely failed or sliding into the tank, shall we mark this as the beginning of the end of the Houston Janitorial economy? Not so fast. The nice gent who runs the Houston operation over at PJS is reporting that businesses are inquiring a a pretty brisk pace about switching to his service because of his refusal to cave. His employees are refusing to participate in the pickets or have anything to do with the union. They like their gig.

Good stuff. Win one for the good guys.


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