Die Tupperware Die!

Okay, somebody heard that Tupperware was polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the same stuff they use to make bulletproof windows. So what’s the obvious thing to do? Conduct terminal ballistics testing on Tupperware. I have a sneaking suspicion the people involved weren’t great shots, but that could be an impression left by poor reporting by some ditz that obviously knows nothing about guns.

It reminds me of the fun times we used to have out behind the Fort Bliss dump. People would drop used appliances behind the dump, and we would go out there and shoot the discards. That came to a screeching halt when several of my buddies got hauled in by the MPs for questioning. Apparently some other group of firearms enthusiasts had been shooting at the transformers owned by the government. For obvious reasons, the Army frowns upon shooting at things owned by the government as a form of recreation. The MPs thought it might have been my buddies. My friends were innocent, as ballistics testing showed, but I don’t think they ever did get their guns back.

I did learn that a refrigerator stops birdshot pretty well from 50 feet, but does much less well at 20. I also learned that a refrigerator doesn’t stop a 12 gauge .50 cal sabot at all. Of course, this knowledge probably won’t come in handy unless you are attacked by ravening hordes of zombie refrigerators after the apocalypse. In the unlikely event this occurs, my experience leads me to recommend using large bore shotguns, .308 rifles, and aiming low, to hit the compressor.


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