Doomed from the Start

We watched Doom a few days ago. I have to say that I wasn’t impressed. I waited through an hour and a half of bullshit to get 5 ½ minutes of great footage in the first player scene. Other than that, ehh. I saw a couple of nice sequences but overall, not too exciting.

Of course, the minor fact that they discarded the entire premise of the freaking game might have something to do with my annoyance. Lileks does a terrific take on what an initial meeting must have been like. The studio screwed the pooch on the storyline in favor of some crap about injecting people with extra chromosomes, like that’s any more plausible than a portal to hell. If you’re going to come up with bullshit, at least make it grandiose interesting bullshit. Don’t throw some tripe out there that anyone with a basic education in science is going to immediately discard as completely ludicrous.

My other pet peeve watching the movie was the constant annoying tendency of the characters to refer to themselves and each other as "soldiers". Any of you out there who have dealt with marines know that doesn’t fly. The singular noun for a member of the Marine Corp is "marine" and the plural is "marines". For me, hearing a career sergeant with "Semper Fi" tattooed across his back tell somebody he needs soldiers is jarring. The ground would open and swallow him up before he would say that. He would certainly refuse to admit it (out loud) if he ever did need assistance from the branch I was in, the one with the soldiers.

Overall, I’d have to recommend it only if there’s nothing else on. If you have other entertainment options available, take them.


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