Outed!? ...and Commentary...

Damn...so we over here at YPS have been posting our random bullcrap for almost 2 years now and suddenly people who know us are finding us. Some of the items I've posted regarding the CD22 race have been picked up by some various fine folks, and along with T, I very much thank you for the traffic. The downside to it all is that complete anonymity is lost, and I was contacted yesterday by 3 separate people, who I consider to be friends or friendly acquaintences, asking me if I was writing about them, or whether they have behaved in a manner that I find offensive or objectionable.

I decided that my best approach is to lay it out right here so that anyone who reads can understand my POV. I have presented for a small, and now growing, group of readers my impressions of this little piece of history as it has occurred, nothing more. These are my opinions only. I believe in as much transparency as possible without causing harm, and I thought my regular readers might be interested in what is happening. I do a lot of reading online and didn't see anyone presenting an "uncanned" version of the process from the inside, so doing this has been my only motivation. I have been very careful to not mention the names of anyone who has not specifically put themselves up for public office, because I respect peoples' privacy, and hope they do mine. Yes indeed, there has been quite a bit of behavior thus far that I have found to be not particularly stellar, and in some ways it is always expected. I love the political, except for the politics part, and this experience has put me right in the midst of the worst of it.

With that bit stated, I will write this to anyone who is wondering.

If you are one of the people who thinks that I am writing specifically about you, if you believe it is negative, and you are truly concerned about that, perhaps you should perform a little self-reflection and evaulate your behavior.

Perhaps I am not the only individual who thinks some of you should tone it down a bit. Despite specific actions, and despite other offices held within the party organization, or whatever roles you're playing within a specific candidate's race, all participants in this process have equal status, and everyone's opinions are equally valid, whatever they might happen to be. So, internalize that.

Now for those of you similar-minded folks who think that I am also part of this "establishment", you're just plain wrong. As previously stated, I'm just trying to get something done from the back corner of inside the room. Over the past year, I have increasingly felt about the Republican party the same way that Zell Miller must've felt about his beloved Democrats when he figured out that he didn't leave his party, his party had left him. The difference between Zell and me; however, is that Zell has refuge. You have to work for change from the inside, or you'll be stuck throwing rocks from the outside. Anyway, with whom do people like me form an alliance? These traitors, or perhaps this group of haters? Or, I could relegate myself to working with fine folks with good ideas and intentions who will never get elected to any level of importance. But seriously, if we really want our constitutional republic back, I hardly believe relegating our ideas to obscurity is the answer.

I'm not as old as most of the very nice people who are involved. I was in my teens when Reagan was in the White House, and discovered my love of the American governmental process during that period in my life. I'm not one of the old D to R converts, I have been a conservative as long as I have had a political opinion. I have never missed a Republican primary and never passed up an opportunity, when I could, to work or volunteer at any level of the process. I have spent half my life in the bottom of the chain trying to achieve a what I honestly believe is the correct direction for this country, and have tried to accomplish it from as close to the inside as I could get. There have been many who have worked three times as long and hard as I have, and I can't imagine how frustrated the truly liberty minded conservatives must be when they look at this fine situation we're in today.

My greater motivations working within the party were simple. I wanted to be a part of the movement to rescue the country that I love from Socialists who have tried to transform her into the poor, filthy, obsolete, backwater shell that Europe has become. And yet, when I look at the sorry sack of excuses who we all worked so hard to get elected, what exactly have we achieved? From where I sit, we have just another group of socialists who shower more regularly and wear better looking suits.

As you may have guessed, my experience with the Republican party lately has frankly been not the most positive. I think that there are a lot of people who ten years ago had a fire inside, and giving credit where due, they worked their asses off, and got their candidates elected. Well now it turns out that these office holders are the wrong people, but those on the real inside, in positions of influence, have grown so comfortable and satisfied with their positions within the system, they're not going to exact the change necessary to achieve our original goal. And, in some way, being involved in this particular process has amplified that fact, as well as my frustration.

So, with all that said, I'm going to continue to record what I observe, and I hope you continue to read. And if you don't want to feel like you're being called out, don't be such an asshat.


Blogger essdeedubya said...

Can't argue one bit "J".

You're a lot like me...Or I think I am a lot like you.

Its frustrating to me to see the establichment so demagog someone who dares question their authority and ideals. When in reality we all want the same thing.

But certain people within that small circle like to think they are above reproach and believe its all about them. And will carry that bias to the table regardless of the outcome to the party, the district, our state and our country.

I would expect that at the next executive meeting Monday night they try to ram the elector issue down our throats.

I just heard that Tom DeLay will officially step aside and allow the seat to be declared vacant and him ineligable on the 9th of June.

I wonder if the establishment will try to get their guy or gal in on Monday night, before its official from the state?

Keep pluggin' "J" your doing fine!

6:23 PM  

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