Wow. Shows what I get for goofing off and playing GTA: Vice City instead of writing blog posts. We haven’t had this much traffic since TotalFark linked to the inflatable doll story. J has been busily working away behind the scenes on the process for CD 22 candidate evaluation. Apparently people have noticed her descriptions of the process. As we like to say, stay tuned. I’m sure she’ll have more. Not being a precinct chair, or for that matter much of an efenant, I have not been involved. Honestly, sitting in a room and listening to the parade of candidates natter for hours on end would have me playing Bejeweled on my cell phone before the first one had started talking. Hmm. Maybe additional blog posts from me wouldn't have helped any.

I’d like to thank all the people from Capitol Annex and Texas Safety Forum for passing though our humble little corner of the ‘Net. Stick around, read archived posts. If y’all keep this up, it may become worthwhile to put ads up. Well, probably not, but I can hope.


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