Parts List

Lower receiver? Check. Purchased from Northwest Houston Tactical a few months back. I think I bought two the month before I bought J her pistol.

DPMS Lower parts kit? Already mostly installed on the lower. I have to wait on the stock for some bits.

YHM flip-up rear sight? Picked up yesterday at the gun show.

1000 rounds of 5.56 and 10 magazines? Arrived on the doorstep today.

16" M4 Kit? Left NC today via UPS on it’s way to me. Includes 16" chrome-lined 1-in-7 barrel, 4-rail gas block with flip-up front sight, 6 position CAR stock, and flat-top upper with T-marks.

Soon…Very soon…

Of course, this is all for J's rifle. I'm still dithering on what to get for mine.


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