Asshattery in 3…2…1…

The latest and leastest group of congresscritters has been sworn in and Nancy Pelosi will go down in history as the first fatuous simpering dolt woman to be Speaker of the House. Let’s be clear: I loathe Nancy Pelosi and all the principles she upholds (or pretends to uphold). In the first 100 hours, the donks under her leadership are going to attempt a bold and vital program of something or other designed, primarily, to ensure reelection in ’08.

In short, it will be business as usual. I will rely on my chosen sources to inform me if anything I deem particularly frightful happens. Then I can send nasty letters to a guy I didn’t (and won’t) vote for in the somewhat vain hope that he will hear my words, be convinced of the ineluctable rightness of my position on, well, everything and thus be moved to vote in accordance with my philosophy, which is better than his (and yours) because… well, you know that answer by now. In the meantime, I expect more expansion of the state, more infringement on your freedom, less possibility of ever getting the government back to a reasonable size, and generally one more minute closer to Wolfe time. I’m so excited at the array of possibilities before us I could almost vomit. Lucky for me (and my coworkers) I have a strong stomach.

I would tell you what the new speaker intends to do, but alas, her web link to A New Direction for America: the Book doesn’t work. Her webpage (linked above) as Speaker also contains no information. I suppose making sure the web pages were ready to go by today wasn’t high on the list of anyone on her team. I can’t back my pernicious cynicism about her intent up with anything concrete. Somehow, I remain confident it will be justified.


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