Calling Roland

Part of my news feed comes from The Economist. They’re generally sober and rational, and usually discuss economic issues better than anybody else in the game. Plus, they employ such lovely and talented reporters. However, the fuzzy headed euro-socialist does creep into the news reports from time to time. As an example, they have a piece about how the UN is going to help the Congo. The paragraph that made me laugh out loud was this one:

One of the main reasons for Mr Ban’s trip to Congo was to visit MONUC, the UN’s peacekeeping force there. It is the biggest UN deployment in the world, with 16,500 soldiers and 100 aircraft. Rick Neal of Refugees International, who has travelled extensively in Congo, hopes Mr Ban’s visit will do two things in particular. He hopes for a narrowing of MONUC’s focus to a primary mission of protecting civilians, and to get it to enforce the embargo on arms into Congo and the export of goods which are used to pay for more arms.

I just got one question: who’s going to protect the civilians from the UN? My candidate lacks a head, besides being fictional. I'm up for suggestions for non-fictional characters that might do some good, since I wouldn’t bet much on the kind of “protection” people are going to receive from the UN in any event.


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