Paging Black Jack

I seem to recall a long time ago when incidents like this one happened, we had a solution. I seriously doubt anybody in a real position of authority now has the stones to do what we did back then. I’m thinking 1st Cavalry Division rolling hot through Nogales would get the point across to the Mexican government that we were serious about border security.

Unfortunately, as all have noticed, the United States is not serious when the border in question is the southern land border. Now, the criminals and thugs from Mexico have decided to act on the knowledge. I guess this is the result of spending decades imitating the three monkeys and refusing to acknowledge a problem even exists, much less what the solution should be. If you ignore problems long enough, they get worse.

Now we are the lovely position of having bands of gunmen attack government outposts and flee back to Mexico. Anybody want to take bets on what the response to this will be? I’m betting on a whole lot of jibber-jabber and nothing concrete that will do anything to either a) reduce the likelihood of it happening again or b) find whoever did it.

I’m glad to see the Mexican Revolution worked out so well for the peasantry in the long run. Viva la revolución corrupción! Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. People just keep getting fooled, don’t they?


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