Poor Behavior Rampant

In a new study, apparently 1/3 of parents don’t think their methods of disciplining their children work. From personal observation, I’m going to say the remaining two-thirds are wrong about how well their methods work. Children today are undisciplined little monsters. In an obligatory nod to me sounding like a grumpy old man, I’ll note the children should also stay off my lawn and turn that damn music down.

Anyhow, people have forgotten how to make their kids behave, or even that the children need to behave. Why? Because raising kids is hard work and most people aren’t up for it. Parenting means you have to do a lot of things that aren’t fun and you have to do them over and over and over. Why bother? Let the little brats run wild and when the kiddies end up as the dregs of society, you can scratch your head and wonder why.

These are the same asshats who feel it necessary to infringe upon my rights because they’re too lazy to see what junior is doing and enforce some boundaries. Instead, they’d rather have the government ban any inconvenient items junior might come across, be that pictures, speech, or anything else. I loathe anybody who makes a public policy argument by bringing up children.* Children are the problem of their parents, not society at large. Don’t you start telling me I can’t be an adult and enjoy the things adults enjoy because you’re too irresponsible to keep your children out of trouble. The government raises children about as well as the government does anything else: poorly. Raise your own damn kids and don’t expect the rest of us to do it for you.

* This is one of many, many reason why the new Speaker of the House should find something else to do to feed her ego instead of mucking up the country. Hey, the web page works now! Go see what sort of socialist dreck she’s pushing!


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