Nice Try, Weasels

Originally, I was going to simply point out the turn of events. The story is the way things work in the new modern era: dumbass posts inflammatory things on the web, gets surprised at the depth and breadth of the opposition, crawfishes as hard as he can, finds out he’s screwed anyway. That, in a nutshell, is how things work.

I was highly amused by Tamara bitch-slapping the original dough-boy. The subsequent firestorm was well-deserved, and Tam’s follow-ups were also entertaining to me. At the end of the day, Dough-boy lost some sponsors after an ill-considered rant that offended a significant portion of said sponsors’ customers. Too bad, not particularly sad, not all that sorry. Engage brain before posting to the series of tubes next time, moron boy.

Now I find out some people think we should all play nice.* Let me see if can phrase my sentiments in a positive, diplomatic fashion:

Eat a bowl of dick and shut the fuck up.

Well, that looks like a resounding “no” on positive and diplomatic. Since I’ve blown being nice all to hell, let’s keep going. I see no reason in hell why I should even pretend to give a rat’s ass about hunters, hunting, and any of the bullshit associated with it. Every gun-banning son of a bitch pays lip service to the hunting community. Do you know why? Because hunters are all too willing to throw the rest of us off the sleigh. As long as they only go after assault weapons, or hi-cap magazines, or .50 cals, way too many hunters don’t care because all they care about is deer season and “nobody needs that for huntin’”. Strangely, those of us who have evil, black “terrorist” rifles are bright enough to realize we all hang together or we all hang separately. Hunters like Jim Zumbo? Not so much, apparently. There is an inordinate amount of tax money we all pay through ammunition purchases that goes almost exclusively to fund hunting related activity, even while the number of hunters keeps dropping and 'non-traditional' shooters keep increasing in number. Everybody wants to pay lip service to hunting, but nobody wants to admit it ain’t the game anymore. Frankly, I’m tired of it. I want the hunting community to extract the cranium from the fourth point and realize what the rest of the RKBA people have know for years: people want to ban all of your guns. All of them, regardless of sporting intent or anything else. Maybe once they realize, they’ll quit making stupid statements about what I need to own.

It’s not like I’m going to turn around and start trying to enforce the bizarre logic in the Miller decision and screw hunters in the process. I’m going to keep doing what little I do to ward off any incursions on the 2nd Amendment. I do think I’m gonna have a hard time caring about any problems that befall the hunting community that aren’t 2A related. They can tend to their knitting, and I’ll tend to mine if they just STFU about things they obviously know nothing about, which apparently includes anything remotely related to service weapons.

Michael Bane has more on the issue and is much nicer about it than I’m willing to be today.

*Seriously, Bitter, did you even read Zumbo’s article? "Terrorist weapons"? WTF? Shepard wants to provide cover for Zumbo: “may not have been intended to create good-gun, bad-gun categories”? Did we all read the same article? Shepard’s assertion “this latest schism is already being used as further evidence of the “need” to regulate firearms -all firearms - more stringently”? Hogwash. Hunters calling AR-15s terrorist weapons provides fuel to gun-banning regulators. Go look at the Brady website for proof.


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