Stuporbowl Sunday

I am reliably informed that some event occurred over the weekend that people pay a great deal of money to air commercials during. Seeing as how I don’t much care about advertising or professional football, that was a wash. Instead, I started work on my taxes. You’ve been here before, I assume, so I don’t have to rehash the entire issue. Insert standard tax rant here: taxes are the sux, blah, blah, gummint is de debbil, blah, blah, too much, blah, blah, tea party, blah, blah, blah-de-blah-dee-blah. Got all that? Good. Expect the longer and more detailed version once I actually get done but before I climb a tower and express my displeasure in a slightly more direct fashion.

By spray-painting graffiti up there, of course. What did you think I meant?

Anyhow, I would have important and useful things to say that would so directly influence your thinking that you would live your life differently as a result. That is, I would do that except for the minor detail that I have yet to say anything important and/or useful on this blog. Instead, I present to you some automotive insanity. I wonder whether or not I could fit that engine in my Blazer… probably not without a lot of welding. I need to learn how to weld anyway, so there’s more motivation.


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