So, Desmond Tutu has been named the patron of National Braai Day in South Africa. A couple of thoughts occur to me. First off, I don’t think we even have a state barbecue day here in Texas and South Africa has a national day? That ain’t right. My elected representatives have wasted enough time and money on other frivolous bullshit. We should have a barbecue day. Second, and I don’t think I mentioned this last time I covered South African braais, boerewors look way too much like an intestine for me to be entirely comfortable with them. However, it probably wouldn’t slow me down too much.

In other barbecue news, over the holiday weekend, I tried smoking some corn while waiting for the ribs to finish. Take corn on the cob, peel the husks off, rub down with butter, salt, and pepper. Place in the smoker and turn about every 8-10 minutes so you get all sides of the corn nice and done. Total time was about 35-40 minutes. The corn came out pretty damn tasty. A nice hint of smoke and good sweetness from the fire, plus it was cooked through but not mushy. They looked like complete crap, because my drip pan ran out of water and started a spectacular grease fire. By the time I got that under control, some of the corn was a little black on the outside. I put the corn under the ribs, so some of the rib fat dripped down on the corn as well. A little bit of pork fat never hurts, right? Some things are quite simple to prepare and this appears to be one of them.

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