OMG! Steroids!

I suppose I should actually bother to read a news article or something on the Mitchell report, but why blog from a position of knowledge? I'm still trying to figure out why the fuck the House Committee on Government Oversight is investigating steroid use by baseball players. (Leading theory: because they can, followed closely by because few people have balls big enough to tell Congress to get bent and the lawyers to make it stick.) Once I get that pesky issue sorted out in my own mind, I'll get around to reading their conclusions.

So in no particular order, here's what I think:

Who cares? Jocks took drugs and this matters to who, exactly?

When your multi-million dollar paycheck depends on athletic performance and there are known and verifiable substances to improve said performance and your job doesn't test for them, why wouldn't you use them? Because you don't like getting more money?

Don't ever answer a question posed to you by an agent of the federal government lest you get the answer wrong and subsequently are charged with perjury.

Seriously, don't you people have something better to worry about?

Finally, wouldn't it just be easier to list the guys who didn't admit to steroid use?

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