Not Acceptable

No matter what you vegetarians may think, there is no substitute for a turducken. While I am prone to making snide comments like "Vegetables aren't food, vegetables are what food eats", there is a larger fundamental issue here besides my desire to mock those lower on the food chain.

Your food should be honest. Trying to tart up vegetables into being something that almost, but not really, resembles meat is a disservice to both the vegetable and the diner. Celebrate your food for what it is, not what somebody wishes it could be. Part of the reason many people think vegetarian food is crap is because of the attempts to make some bizarro meatish thing for non-vegetarians. Well, that and an over-reliance on tofu. Despite what you may have been led to believe, a vegetable-based drywall mud is unappetizing.

Besides, all the strange attempts to make meat-like things from textured mycoprotein and soybean paste always taste weird. And tofurkey is an abomination to all, mmkay?

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