Governor Kay?

So, we got the mail inviting J to donate money to the exploratory committee for Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is thinking about fixin' to start runnin' for Governor. She was a mediocre senator, so I suppose she'd make a mediocre governor. Would she be better or worse than the current aggie with the shellaced hair we've got in Austin now? Who knows? I vote for slightly worse, with an off chance of better.

The problem with practical politics is the people that end up running for office. The best and the brightest don't get involved, only the venal, the busybodies, and the power-hungry.

In any event, since Rick Perry has a lock on the position for the moment, she'll have to beat him in the primary. The attempt and the campaign should make for some entertainment, which is really all I can hope for out of the whole mess. I'm certainly not going to get someone who is concerned about the creeping expansion of the state.

On the donk side, I notice one of the younger generation has signed up for "Bill White For Texas" on Facebook. I guess Bill White has decided he was such a success at straightening out Houston, he's gonna move on to Austin and fix the whole damn state. Funny, Houston doesn't seem fixed to me, just slightly less broken than when Lee P. was mayor. In any event, I don't think Bill White can win statewide. Of course, my predictions on these matters are notoriously flawed. I'll go with the complete opposite of what I really think: Kay takes the primary and Bill beats her in the general election. This way, I'm on the record as predicting the outcome should that circumstance come to pass. I'm also in there saying it's the opposite of what I think, so if goes differently, I can claim the actual outcome as my thoughts on the matter. I'll get the hang of this prognostication thing yet, if only by making so many predictions one of them has to come true.

Of course, the burning question now becomes: who gets the Senate seat? I guess we could also ask who gets to be Mayor of Houston, but that's definitely a booby prize by any stretch of the imagination.

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