It's Not News, It's...

So a twofer from CNN today. First out the gate: Muslim jackass throws acid on woman, scarring her face and blinding her because he "loves" her. She decides to play hard under the rules of the game over in Iran. She refused monetary compensation, requested old school punishment, and as a result, he is now going to be blinded with acid. That'll learn him. Probably barbaric, certainly against the 8th Amendment, and somehow, I just can't bring myself to disapprove.

Second up is a story whose second sentence is so rife with double entendre it made me giggle:
New research shows that, in men, the brain areas associated with handling tools and the intention to perform actions light up when viewing images of women in bikinis.
Handling tools? The intent to perform action? Umm... yeah. And we needed research on this because... Ric Romero needed filler for this weekend's broadcast?

Oh, wait, we needed research on this to confirm what the lead researcher already thought about men. She does claim "the broader purpose of the research was to explore circumstances under which people treat one another as the means to an end". Of course, this is pretty much blown to crap by the fact that apparently, nobody has bothered to figure out under what circumstances women do this. So it's not really about people, now, is it? It's about men. Thanks, darling. I already have every TV commercial and entertainment product in the world doing their level best to portray me as a mindless buffoon incapable of managing life without some woman's help. Now you're trying to prove men think inappropriately, but it's not really our fault. How about DIAF? Does that work for you? I'm more than a little tired of the endless parade of male-bashing in popular culture.

The joyous and accomplished cynic in me also notes it's far easier to do research like this with men, because the triggers are pretty obvious. Figuring out what women think is apparently too difficult, even for other women. It's also probably much easier to do research that you can use to confirm your preexisting biases.

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