Club Time

Oh, yeah, since it's Earth Day in some quarters, Arbor Day in others, and Lenin's Birthday in yet others, I have suggestions for appropriate celebrations.

Plant a tree, since Arbor Day is helpful at best and benign at worst and predates Lenin. Well, technically, Lenin predates Arbor Day, but in 1872 nobody knew who the hell Lenin was except his parents. If a tree seems ambitious, throw some flower seeds around.

Now that you have a tree, break off a branch and start smacking dumbass hippies, watermelons, and commies. If you insist on some Leninist connection, drink vodka in the process while screaming about counterrevolutionaries. The revolution in question could be either the American, the Industrial, or both depending on the object of your wrath.



Blogger Susan in Lille said...

First thought: The Beatles aren't THAT old. Oh...the OTHER Lenin. Or rather not "Lennon". What has pop culture done to my brain? I watch one "Entertainment Tonight" and I have lost all perspective.

8:45 AM  

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