We don't get many comments around here, mainly because nobody reads us. So we thought we would highlight tonight's comment.
Jack H is trying to set me up by posting false homosexually charged messages in my 'anonymous' name on his 'Forgotten Prophets' blog. He has also been editing my own words to imply other falsehoods including potential criminal activity on my part. He may be doing the same elsewhere. I believe that he also plans to post a sexually charged or sem-nude photo and a link and make it appear as if I posted that photo myself. If you happen to see this photo and know of its original source, post that source here. There may be criminal activity involved. Jack H has claimed to be many things including a body builder, psychology major, gun owner, and super genius with an IQ of 164. I have reason to believe that Jack H may actually be a student or staff member at Drake University in Iowa or possibly another in California or Colorado.
Okay, a few comments are in order here. One, this was posted on a comment from '05. You might pick a more recent comment in order to, like, show up on the front page or something. Two, how can you slander somebody posting under the name 'anonymous'? Which 'anonymous' are you, anyway? Third, don't drag us into your weird homoerotic spat. I don't care if he does post "sexually charged or sem-nude" pictures of you or even if you posted nude pics of yourself. Don't post anything about it here. Start your own blog or keep it over at 'Forgotten Prophets' or where ever the hell you're having your little internet weenie waving contest. Don't bring it to a completely unrelated blog. Finally, I don't care what Jack H. has claimed to be or who he really is. Although, being a body builder, psychology major, gun owner and super genius isn't that unbelievable. Aside from the psych major, I meet all of those requirements. Okay, I'm not really a body builder, either. So two out four ain't bad. Of course, when you refer to yourself as a 'super-genius' the Wile E. Coyote comparisons should start flying pretty thick. Plus, shouldn't a super-genius have a real major instead of psych?

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Blogger Jack H said...

Well I am just absolutely fuming! Nonny the Anonnymouse has alowed our gay spat to spill over into the wider world! Infuriating! He has shared many nude or semi-nude pictures with me, but I have NEVER posted ANY of them! The very IDEA is ABSURD! Nonny! How could you!?!


My apologies. A malevolent troll has come out from under his bridge and attacked my humble blog. He scanned my archives for a certain reader who has commented, then surfed the web for every appearance of that person's name, and then posted on every comment page that allowed annonnymouse comments. I've engaged comment moderation now, but Nonny tells me that there are over 200 such appearances, and he has spent all night posting that message on those pages.

I just searched for this message, and yours is the only one that shows up. So far. I hardly know what to think. Is it flattering? -- him, I mean, not you.

I have no recollection of claiming to be a "super-genius" -- unless Nonny doesn't understand the idea of satire. I think that's a safe bet. I've never been a psych major either. And so on. Anyway. My philosophy does suck.



9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Site Operator: First, look up the definition for 'slander', then read my post again. Slander was not the issue. Its a game. Can't you see that? You might want to investigate the other page further. This way, you might determine why I chose that page to begin with. Or, you could read the words of Jack H who has chosen to move the ball here as well. His words are almost entirely false. However, they do shed a little light on the game. Care to join us? Maybe, the two of you could join forces. Its a game you super genius you. I play by only two rules. Return every shot and watch the collateral damage.

Jack. Your blog is anything but humble. You wanted a contest. Now, you have one. Its not satire when you use subtle tricks to make the claim appear more likely. Also, get a clue about Google. The search results represent only a fraction of any given subject. C'mon Jack. Your own blog didn't even show up. How in God's name could you overlook that one? Try again later. Some comments still remain behind the scenes in moderation. Again, only a fraction of those posted will show up in the search results. I suggest you follow the steps most likely taken by myself and search for the entries along the way. You'll have much better luck. Now, get out of my face. I have work to do.

10:55 AM  
Blogger T said...

Yeah, I'm still not getting what the hell is going on here, and I'm just not motivated enough to try. So let's try a new approach.


4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was a pretty good one. Short, sweet, and not what I expected. Ok. We'll take it in the street.

8:35 PM  
Blogger Jack H said...

All these years and it's been tearing at my soul. How can I continue? Oh Nonny, Nonny! NOOOONNNNEEEE!!!!

2:59 AM  

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