I'm clinging to the concept of "laugh or go mad", but the giggles are fewer and farther between these days. My sense of humor, bleak at the best of times, is currently being harrowed down to a black indestructible core. Pretty soon I'll be able to grin and laugh at the end of the world, which will probably come in handy real soon. So in an attempt to stave off my mostly inevitable descent into celebrating the failure of politics through high speed disassembly, I give you some random funny.

You did know nothing from your childhood is safe on the internet, right?

Some of the concepts here have merit, but most of them are taken well past the point of wretched excess. But really, isn't wretched excess quintessentially American?

The internet exists to spread dumb photos, doesn't it? Or is it porn? I can never remember. Why not both? (Last two links NSFW, probably)



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