Stupidity Resurgent

The level of dumb going around right now is just staggering, and hopefully not contagious. I catch a case of the retard like so many others in our body politic and it's on. I'll start believing whacko conspiracy theories and take a more direct approach to politics.

However, the stupid is just everywhere. So last week, the n00b decided taking over student loans was the next brilliant idea. While his codependent enablers in Congress haven't bought off on it yet, I have no doubt they will. I mean, why wouldn't they? They already helped take over the auto industry and the banking industry. Why not get back into student loans?

So what does this week bring? Some jackass using these examples to suggest the government get into credit cards! Seriously, are all you people retarded? Please tell me this is a joke and we're all not that goddamned dumb. Otherwise, I'm going to have to to step up my plans for world domination just to keep all y'all ignuts in line.

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