Blew That Foot Clean Off

So, ask yourself a question. As a company engaged in the business of retail sales, who do you depend on for your continued existence: suppliers or customers? If you answered customers, you're absolutely correct.

Amazon just managed to deter, in fell swoop, a huge number of potential customers. I had been eyeing the Kindle simply for convenience. If I can carry around a bunch of books, that'd be pretty cool. I wouldn't have to screw with all the cross platform software issues I do now trying to keep e-books on my netbook. However, if Amazon is going to go into my device after the fact and yank things I've already paid for right off, they're never going to convince me to buy one.

So in an attempt to please a supplier, they've alienated the customer base for one of their flagship products. Way to go! Smart thinking, Amazon.

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Blogger Galt-in-Da-Box said...

That's mind-bogglingly stupid.
I'll bet their shit's Macintosh-based, because they've made that a standard policy, so you have to pay more for what you already, allegedly "bought", or upgrade.
I hope this kind of crookedness is not the beginning of a trend!

10:19 PM  

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