Better On Nothing

If you, like me, are not a partisan of either donk or efenant, occasionally some well-meaning rabid supporter will attempt to convince you the proper place for you is on their side. This is usually a tough sell for many, many reasons, but even more so in the current political climate. My sympathies lie slightly towards the efenant side, since they seem a wee tad bit more determined to let me keep my guns and more of my money. Given the rest of my political sympathies, this sometimes baffles the donks I know. After all, I'm for gay marriage, drug legalization, less militarization of the police, criminal justice system reform, and a whole host of other issues that liberals and progressives supposedly support.

Here's the issue, and it applies to the R as well as the D. I can't go by what the boot-licking sycophants tell me some politician would do or would like to do. I have to go by what the honorable Random Weasel actually does. On that note, both of y'all's parties suck. But since the donks are currently in the Whitehouse, let's pick on them.

So, let me ask about a few issues supposedly important to you liberal and progressive types. Did the DEA stop cracking down on medical marijuana? Made any progress on slowing down the Drug War either? Hey, did your shiny hopey changey President get Gitmo closed? How about that PATRIOT Act that was gonna get revised? We stop bailing out huge corporations with taxpayer money yet? How's the whole increased transparency coming along? Damn, the answer to all that is still no?

And finally, the issue that started this post: warrantless wiretaps. The Obama declared he was gonna put an end to that nonsense. Oh, wait. Maybe not. Let's expand it, instead.

So, somebody on the left clue me in. On what rational basis do you claim your side is better on any issue I give a damn about? Either make some progress on liberty or admit your half of the donkelphant is just as awful as the other half. In the meantime, don't seriously expect me to believe I belong with either side.

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Canine Revisions

As I posted earlier today about the Facebook account for Dog V2.0, I mentioned the remaining revisions of dog currently inhabiting YPS Manor. I realize I have not explained the current revision levels.

In the beginning was Dog. Dog, after almost 14 years of faithful companionship, passed away. Shortly thereafter we acquired Dog V2.0. In October of last year, we rescued Dog V2.5. As she was only half the size of 2.0, she didn't get a full rev. She had 4 puppies, of which 3 survived.

Dog V3.0 has serious stability issues due to the inclusion of the poultry visionary feature, otherwise known as "Ooh, look, a chicken!". The phrase ADHD was invented to apply to people like Dog V3.0, but it works for him just as well.

Dog V3.1 is an improvement on 3.0 in that the stability issues are mostly sorted out, but the brain rarely engages. V3.1 prefers to charge through life engaging his brain as an afterthought. This causes an entirely different set of stability issues, but they're minor compared to 3.0

Dog V3.2 is the most stable of the bunch, so he gets the highest rev level. He is the smartest and sneakiest of the latest generation. He and 3.1 are engaged in an intractable and unwinnable struggle.

We have a lovely case of dog sibling rivalry going on. 3.1 feels he should be dominant over 3.0 and 3.2, since 3.1 is the largest of his generation. 3.0, being distracted by, well, everything, cannot hold on to the thought of dominance long enough to establish it over anyone. 3.2 feels, somewhat correctly, that dominance is not always determined by size alone and has decided he will submit to 3.1 about the same time hell freezes over if not a few years after the ice floes appear in Gehenna. Plus, 3.1 and 3.2 just don't like each other much.

Anyhow, that's the state of the dog at YPS Manor. More content when I get more motivated.


Facebook Related Filler

I'm going to claim heat exhaustion as my excuse for no posts for 3 weeks. It's totally plausible, right? Houston, summertime, heat. I can't see why anyone would doubt me.

Anyhow, in lieu of posting substantive, or even interesting, content I give you a link to a discussion of people having Facebook accounts for their pets.

I bring this up because J made a Facebook account for Dog V2.0. (Dogs V2.5, V3.0, V3.1 and V3.2 have no accounts as of yet) At last check, Dog V2.0 has more friends on Facebook than I do. Feel free to draw your own conclusions about the grander meaning of this fact. I would probably include the phrase "anti-social bastard" in there somewhere, but do what you like.

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