Colander Cheese

So, Saturday was our annual pilgrimage to the Texas Renaissance Festival. As usual, we walked around, drank copious amounts, ate fried foods, and bought home decor. Now I have to figure out how to mount swords in the art niches in the rotunda.

As a new feature this year, the RenFest will sell you a bottle of wine so as you wander aimlessly you can swill wine. J took advantage of the offer and spent most of the day sipping on Chocovine. I remained resolute in my desire to drink beer, so she got out of there far cheaper for the day on drinks.

As usual, I wore my shirt giving out free fashion advice to the sartorially challenged. The staff working the RenFest tends to like my shirt. The other patrons? Not so much. The shirt also led to the best line of the day: "I now know what 30 pounds of cottage cheese in a colander looks like."

Also amusing was the young gentleman who wants all of you to know: a bodice is not a shirt. Please wear a shirt, any shirt, under your bodice. Nobody wants to see me in a bodice, shirt or not, but I pass this information along regardless.

We also learned there is a RenFest outside of Austin. We will be examining our schedules and seeing if we can make that work. After all, we drive to Waxahachie every year for Scarborough. Surely we can make it to Austin for a day.

We may go back. So if you're at TRF later this season and see some drunk guy in a kilt wearing a snide t-shirt, it just might be me.

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