Steve Jobs and Cultists

Steve Jobs was an innovator whose vision and fortunate partnership changed the way a lot of people use media.

I learned to program on a Mac SE over 25 years ago; I still have my fully functional "banana junior computer" that T constantly threatens to dismantle and turn into a fish bowl. I love my iPod and I love my iPhone and intend to purchase the new one. And guess what? Apple will still make products, and I will either choose to or not to buy them.

I don't know Mr. Jobs personally. I am sure this is a terrible loss for his family and for the people who knew and cared about him. I've lost many people I love and know what they face. It is unfortunate, and it is life.

What I detest is this creepy mourning death cult mentality so many take up every time somebody famous dies. Teddy bear shrines and candles and WTFever at Apple stores is just retarded. Stop it you idiots, it's meaningless. If you want to show support for Mr. Jobs' family, buy a Disney movie then go home and cry your crocodile salty ham tears in private. You're an irrelevant spec on the ass of the world and we don't care about your manufactured pain.

Despite PC society's reactionary anti-religionism, like it or not, people still yearn to be part of something greater than themselves. So instead of finding solace in the divine, they turn to the most frivolous crap that pops up, in a feeble attempt to give their empty existence some meaning. Creepy mourning death cults are fleeting, kiddies. Stop littering in front of retail stores. Do something. Find a real belief system. Try a Church.

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