Damn, I've got Nothin'...

But it's depressing clicking over here and seeing a post that's over a month old, so I'm going to ramble a second.

I will admit, the Obama victory was a shocker for me.  He didn't win by a lot, but I am surprised he won.  The man is just an idiot.  But, as I've stated before, living in a vacuum of one of the reddest of the red states in the US, I'm not a great predictor. 

Frankly, I really don't want to live under the type of Government that the morons who would vote for that disaster so richly deserve, but alas...we have nowhere else to go.  At this point, I can't think of one leftist at this point who should be deemed smart enough to maintain his or her voting privileges.  If you're getting a government check (not counting Social Security or a check as a result of a fund to which you actually contributed), your ability to vote should be suspended until such time as you're not sucking off the teat.  I think we'd see extremely different outcomes.

If you want to see unchecked liberalism in action, see California or Detroit.  If you want to see what more rightward leaning products look like, take a look at most of the prosperous states in the Union. That's about all I've got.  I'm exhausted.