Links: 2015.10.29

Apparently the debate last night was a left-wing bias attack fest.
And Ted Cruz may have earned himself a permanent spot in the top tier.
The RNC keeps laying down with these old infected whores and continues to be surprised when they wake up with STDs and their wallets missing.  Ted Cruz apparently called them all out last night.  I'm waiting on the donk debate on Fox moderated by Hannity, Napolitano, and Van Sustren (which is never going to happen), but that's the equivalent of what the Republicans submit themselves to in every one of these debates on liberal networks.  I'm giving them Van Sustren because they gave us Hugh Hewitt once, even if they effectively neutered him.

Rand Paul plans to filibuster the budget deal.
I'm interested in which Republicans think giving President Obama unlimited borrowing capabilities is a good idea?

American Education vs. The American People
The Government got involved, and now College is both more ineffective and more expensive than ever.

Progressivism comes full circle, and bites itself in the ass.
We've allowed these people to so infantilize our young people that they're now injured by everything they hear.  Free speech suppression for all!


Hillary Hype

So, she testifies today. You guys all realize that the lefty propaganda arm of the Democrat party ("major media") has hyped the hell out of this so that when it's a big snore fest, they can all declare Bengazi to be "over"/it's time to move on/no scandal to see here/blah blah blah.  The committee Donks will filibuster their little meaningless speeches, Hillary will re-establish herself as having the worst memory of all time, and very little will be accomplished today.    Classic Clinton/major media playbook.  Americans are still dead and she will forever be covered in their blood.  To quote her, "what difference does it make?"

Clinton and the major media will still refuse to acknowledge that it was this committee that discovered Hillary's  private, illegal servers being maintained in somebody's bathroom as well as the nature of all of the confidential information that was passed around to those with no clearance to see it.   Clinton cronies tried to hide it, then scrub it, and despite best efforts, the committee found it anyway.  Ultimately, the investigation will obtain more from the hard evidence than they will from Clinton's lying mouth, and I think it is big mistake recalling her and then publicizing the meeting.

YAWN.  Hillary Clinton has broken the law far beyond Snowden, Manning, or Petraeus, and she's not going to suffer one consequence for this or her many other crimes.  For whatever reasons, the Clintons are above the law, full stop.  The only way to rid ourselves of Hillary and her sexual predator husband is to do everything we legally can to ensure she loses the Presidency. 


Links: 2015.10.20

Why Democrats Love Denmark is why so many of us Hate Democrats.
Socialism lowers all boats.

Aggies Glow in the Dark Helmets will be Taking back the Night...at Noon.
Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of assholes.

Today We Learn why the McFlurry Spoon is so Weird.
Everyday is a school day; this is sheer genius.

Erick Erickson Pontificates:  What if Jeb! Drops out of the Race.
Other than good riddance, the real question is whether establishment Republicans are willing to "compromise" after they lose, since they've been preaching exactly that to the conservative wing of the party to for the past 30 years.

Some Liberal Admits that Donks are in Trouble.
Other than the fact that they can't run anyone for President who isn't white or under 70, this dude has at least figured out that his party might not be doing as well as his co-conspirators in the media represent.  Republicans run most of the state houses.  Duh.

The State of Texas cuts Planned Parenthood out of its Medicaid Program.
This bunch of murderers is still trying to argue that they provide healthcare services that they completely lack the capacity to provide.  They only people who have "discredited" the Center for Medical Progress videos are abortion supporters.  If everyone who #standswithplannedparenthood or whatever would just send them a $25 check, the rest of us wouldn't have to fund this abomination that fulfills every Democrat's dream of slaughtering as many poor and black babies as possible.


Links: 2015.10.15

Denny's website is a visual nightmare, but the blog is just surreal.
Seriously, WTF Denny's?

Rand Paul is going Nowhere.
Don't believe the hype.

The House of Representative suit against the Obama Administration will go forward.
So we wait for another opinion full of verbal acrobatics justifying why the courts keep propping up this unconstitutional travesty.

Profile of David Daleiden, founder of the Center for Medical Progress.
This is the guy who blew Planned Parenthood's baby parts trafficking wide open.

Bloomfield, IL Doctor being investigated for performing abortions out of the trunk of his car.
This piece of human garbage was hauling jars of dead baby parts in his car. The abortion industry is sick, ugly, and wrong.  Kermit Gosnell was not an isolated incident.


Links: 2015.10.14

 Paid family leave championed by Democrats actually hurts women's career prospects.
Yet another epic fail of leftist/progtard/socialist policy. These consequences are not unintended.

Proxy war between US and Russia Continues.
I hate that I have to use the words "Mitt Romney was right."

DNC Chair not sure if her kids were human before birth.
Given she can't tell us the difference between Democrats and Socialists, this isn't surprising.

UT Mascot Bevo XIV to be immediately retired after Cancer Diagnosis.
In other news, there is a Bevo En"cow"ment.

Reason TV Gives us 5 Steps to a Gun Free America.
Bullets first, bitches.

Judicial Watch Does the Justice Department's Job
More of the Clintons' conflicts of interest are exposed and a DC court finally orders the departments of Justice and State to stop stalling FOIA requests.

Ready for Hillary...to be prosecuted.