Links: 2015.11.19

The Washington Post breaks down from where the Clinton's $3B comes.
Remember folks, they're broke.  I'm ready for Hillary alright, to be convicted and go to prison.

8 Syrians caught in Laredo
Just doing jobs Americans won't do...

It doesn't matter, because ISIS is already here.
There's no way to vet Syrian refugees.   Yes, your government lies again.

About a Quarter of British men believe they  have "man periods"
When you guys start experiencing a monthly bleed out your orifices, let's talk.

More people sending their "acts of love" unaccompanied across the border.
Syrians aren't all that's coming into America illegally.

Roman/Pagan Basilica open to public.
Archaeology is cool.

If only President Obama condemned Islamic Terrorists with the same vitriol as he does his political opposition.  On the other hand, I'm sure Muslim kooks enjoy being told by this idiot what they believe and represent about as much as I do.  Respect your political betters, peon.


Links: 2015.11.12

A completely not whack job explanation of the "climate change" debate.  We may be cooling due to sun cycles.

Honor killings may be on the rise due to immigration, but crimes are buried in stats.  Often families don't cooperate.  No, I don't respect this brand of "culture". It's barbaric and should be punished to the maximum extent of the law.


Links: 2015.11.10

Your new Facebook friend might be FBI.
You think yeah criminals are stupid, but they're tracking all of us.

An argument for taking the PC movement seriously.  Oh, I think we should take it seriously and shut it the fuck down.   Sorry we damaged your feels, little snowflake, now close your mouth and open your ears.  Not everyone agrees with you.  In other news, and ivy league education at this point (not tempered by time at a non-ivy school) should be an automatic disqualifier for any job in government.


Links: 2015.11.09

For all you fine folks in the cooler climates, here are some really nice crockpot cocktails.
Cheers everyone!

Are your skinny jeans too tight?  You might need some of this new treatment.  On another note, maybe you shouldn't be wearing skinny jeans.  Yes, you.

Disabled people are generally opposed to assisted suicide.
Amazing that individuals who are actually marginalized by societies don't want some self-appointed "societal betters" telling them that their life isn't worth living and it's time to go.  What is the difference between "assisted suicide" and premeditated murder exactly?  Consent of the murdered?

The Empire Strikes Thomas Kinkade
I can't believe someone was actually talented enough to make Kinkade tolerable. THIS is art.


Links: 2015.11.03

Well there's a lot of this today:
Germany on the verge of civil war
Germany sliding toward anarchy
Open borders is not compatible with a welfare state, and people are getting sick of being told by their "intellectual betters" what is best for them.  Why aren't these so-called "migrants" going to other predominantly Islamic countries anyway? 

Because most people have a clue that there is no such thing as "global warming" or "global cooling", now lefties are calling it "climate change" and telling us that this is the new paradigm under which they need to control every aspect of our lives.  OH!  Except nobody either buys it or cares enough to take it seriously.  What's the new scare?  Climate change leads to less sex.  No, this isn't a joke.  The political left stands for little any more except slaughter,  slavery, screwing, and silencing. 

More than half of the Obamacare Co-Ops have failed.
It is tragic that the Democrats and Chief Justice John Roberts to ruin the American healthcare system with their government tinkering with insurance laws. The third party payee must die.

You're not posting as much to Facebook, so Facebook is prodding you.
Everything gets stale, people are busy, and/or is Facebook going the way of MySpace?