Thoughts on Losing Tom Herman to Texas

It is understandable that a lot of my fellow Coogs are angry about the departure of Tom Herman to Texas.  These events are never handled well by anyone involved, but I am not sure if there is a "correct" way to change jobs under so much public scrutiny.  I don't know about you, but I have never been expected to approach my current employer or make an announcement to all of my coworkers that I am interviewing with another company. Most of us who interview while employed generally make mysterious "doctor's appointments" or do whatever clandestine activity needed to keep such a secret until that moment we have a desirable job offer in hand, then comes the announcement.  And yet, people are angry that a football coach behaves the exact same way the rest of us does.  Why?  Because we all really like him?  Because we all really like football?  This doesn't make a lot of sense.  The bottom line is, Tom Herman, just like the rest of us, must make the best decision for himself and for his family.  This man was offered one of the most prestigious jobs in his occupation.  Of course, he's going to take it.  There would be something wrong with him if he didn't.

That's not to say, like most of the rest of us Coogs, I wish he would've remained at Houston.  I think we're all looking for the next Coach Yeoman.  I don't think the business of College Football allows such a thing anymore.  We could've had a lifer in Tony Levine, but nobody was willing to give him the opportunity it would've taken him to develop as "that" kind of Coach.  Money + winning games seems to be all that matters in this business of big College Football.  It's irrelevant that it was mostly Levine's players who did the winning that propelled Herman's career, and Levine inherited a giant mess to clean from his predecessor.  Levine didn't win enough, so he was gone.  Herman won just enough, so now he's gone.  Recruiting winning coaches means we've become the stepping stone to some of the greatest jobs in the country.  Yeah yeah sucks to be a Coog.

I'm going to half-steal an analogy from my fellow alums at CardiacCoogs about UH employing Tom Herman being like having a hot girlfriend who everyone keeps telling you is way out of your league.  I'm going to say for the sake of my argument, that Colleges, like vehicles, are female, which would place UH in a situation more akin to being a very awesome lady of honest means who is dating a really hot, and bright guy just starting out in his career.  Then that guy, with this nice lady's undying support, creates something worthy of national acclaim. And thus, he attracts a lot of attention from some very hot and extremely wealthy women, and it all goes straight to his head.  Then, one day, the hottest, richest, and sluttiest woman of them all throws herself at him, and he just cannot resist.  It doesn't matter that she's going to constantly bag on him in public.  It doesn't matter that she'll humiliate him in a couple of years for all to see if he fails to meet every demand of her dysfunctional family.  It doesn't even matter that once she dumps him, he may end up ruined as a result.  He cannot resist, and he leaves.  That's what has happened to UH.

OK, fine...now here's where I'm getting more aggravated with some of my fellow Coogs than I am with the Coach who left us.  Tom Herman has dumped us for a Kardashian of College Football, and yeah, we're bitter, but we're classy. It doesn't matter that Herman and Kardashian have now stripped most of the furniture from our house (8 coaches as of this writing), and made a big splashy show for his personal TV network.  We pick ourselves up and move quietly on with our lives. We're Coogs, we've always done more with less, and that's what we do...except many of us haven't.  Suddenly some of us have become annoyingly petty, live tweeting press conferences, and publicly whining about Judas or whatever.  Let's just calm down right now.  This behavior is basically the equivalent of stalking the Ex and his new girlfriend on their first date and giving interviews to TMZ making fun of her slutty dress, her fake boobs, and his too short pants. It's small, petty, and needs to stop. Let him go, he's not coming back. As far as he's concerned, we need to be "new phone, who dis?" Because, in two years, when he's not undefeated, and Orangebloods, Red McCombs, and the entitled bratliness that is UT football treats him as poorly as they did Charlie Strong, we can smirk, utter a quiet "who didn't see that coming?" and just be better. 


Completely and Utterly Wrong about Trump

Yep...there you go, I was.  And once I was, I decided to stop writing and see how this would all play out.  Unlike a lot of the "experts", I was bright enough to recognize that I didn't have a clue about how this was all going to go, so I backed the hell out.  Everyone was wrong.  Both T and I voted Johnson, because neither of us wanted to be a part of this mass destruction.  Regardless, Trump is now the President-Elect, so we'll see how it goes.

Although I have to admit, the collective meltdown of the left has been especially satisfying...I almost feel like I won.