Fun with the boss

Just when you thought your boss was a definite impediment to progress, here's one that will make you say, "yep...I work for that guy". Let me preface this miscellaneous rant by stating that in addition to all the other headaches I have at my job, I'm also the safety officer, which among other things means I have to administer our general office safety training. Those sessions, I scheduled, company-wide, for today and tomorrow.

Well the first part of the fun is a video. Problem is that my boss took the VCR a few weeks ago for some totally unknown personal reason and just never bothered to return it. I found this convenient little bit out about 20 minutes before training. I am so pleased.

I love doing this crap anyway, so please make it more difficult, I beg of you. I just copied him on the e-mail that I sent out informing everybody that since the VCR was "not on site", training would be rescheduled for Monday, the 7th. I get a ha ha mea cupla in return. Thanks.

Think he can manage to get it here by tomorrow? Probably not.


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