Life Intrudes

Well, it has been slow around here at the virtual YPS of late. Out in the real world, things proceed apace. I haven't done much posting recently because I just changed jobs. I went from the lowly world of being an individual contributor, albeit with a supervisory role, into the lofty world of management. I am now a Project Manager instead of a lowly Project Engineer. The difference? More paperwork and a 10% raise to go with the magic title. Plus a shorter commute. Plus I don't have to spend my time wondering when my boss was going to stab me in the back again. Not if, mind you, but when. The employment situation is definitely better. All kinds of good reasons to change jobs and no good ones to stay, so I left.

However, that means less time to screw around on the internet and write blog posts. One gives certain things up in exchange for other things. It is the way of the world.


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