Behind The Power Curve

I’m a little slow. Reading Blackfive at lunch today, I find out the 16th was declared National Airborne Day. Is it appropriate to offer congratulations to a group you’re a member of? I’m not sure, so I’ll skip that part.

Instead, I’ll offer congratulations and thanks to a group I’m no longer part of: the 82d Airborne Division. The Division is out there on the front lines, doing what has to be done, just like always. All the way, airborne. They have my heartfelt thanks and admiration, because I am too old, too out-of-shape, and too attitudinal to do it anymore.

The effects of being in the Division linger on, however. I was watching a movie the other day with J. Some yotz on screen was wandering about wearing a Kevlar with the chin strap unsnapped. I take one look at him and what pops out of my mouth? "Fasten your fucking chinstrap, troop." She, of course, gives me one of the spousal looks that implies I am exhibiting my lack of sanity yet again. Like he can hear me and it matters anyway, right? Some things are pounded in too hard to be forgotten.


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