Cheap Booze and/or Software

Every time I see the name of the e-mail companion to Firefox, I think of a rhyme from the later, drunker portion of my misspent youth.
What’s the word?
What’s the price?
A dollar twice.
How’d you drink it?
In a cup.
What’d it get you?
All fucked up.
This is apparently a take-off of an actual radio ad for the stuff. I note that a bottle of Thunderbird is only $2.54 at my favorite liquor store. That’s not bad considering the rhyme is at least 15 years old.

I just wonder what other great names exist out there that could be used for free software products. After all, what better association could you have with open source software than nasty cheap booze? How about an animation or movie editor called Ripple? Wild Irish Rose could be some kind of image editor. Mad Dog could be, I dunno, a project scheduler. I think Boone's Farm has some IP issues, but I bet you could use Strawberry Hill or Blanc de Blanc without too many problems. How about Cold Duck? Surely some enterprising young geek can come up with software projects using these names.


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