BBQ Fixed

Back on Mother’s Day, we were planning on cooking some burgers and stuff on the grill. I had used my charcoal grill to smoke some ribs, a process that went very well. Since the smoking takes so long, I planned on using the gas grill for cooking the smaller pieces which don’t need to cook as long.

My plan fell apart right about the time the gas grill caught fire. On the outside. This is somewhat less than an optimal situation. My only consolation was the realization if it hadn’t been for the plastic gauge catching fire, I wouldn’t have noticed the leak in the hose. I’d rather deal with replacing a few parts than a 20 pound propane cylinder exploding.

Anyhow, I sprayed my grill with my handy kitchen fire extinguisher and retreated to the house to cook the burgers and dogs. I have since ordered replacement parts for the grill and installed them. Friday night I got brave and fired up the grill. I managed to not set myself or anything else on fire, so I guess I’m doing okay.

I started off fixing the grill this summer by replacing the burners. I thought my pathetic flame performance was due to the burners being cast iron, and after 4 summers outdoors in Houston, they had become more interesting burner-shaped lumps of rust than actual burners. In retrospect, it was probably due to the gas leak in the feed line. Oh, well. At least I have new burners to go with my pretty new hoses. One more piece of grill and all should be back to normal, or as least as normal as things get around here. All of this is in preparation for the big 4th of July party we throw. Can’t have a 4th Party without a grill, you know.


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