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A funny thing about this CD22 process is that my daily mail load has increased exponentially with kindly letters from well-meaning folks who don't get a vote, but are trying so to influence mine. One of my favorites thus far is a creepy letter I received over the weekend, sent completely anonymously, with no signature or return address, letting me know that Robert Talton is in the back pocket of the evil Trial lobby, and that one of the individuals who wants to be elected to the "Committee of 4" from Harris county has a personal motive for getting Talton the seat because she wants to fill his State Representative position. Our anonymous letter writer didn't take the 1 minute that it would take to find out that the individual with so-called designs on Talton's seat doesn't even live in his district and is thus ineligible to run, but hey, someone has an anonymous opinion dammit! (HA, almost kind of like me)

There are more than quite a few folks who believe that the letter came from David Wallace's camp, which I have no means by which to confirm either way, except just to say that he has recently been the most ignorant and boorish of all those seeking the seat. He's started running radio ads, as if he's the nominee already, with the caveat that you need to visit his website, and sign up, in exchange for which he'll provide you with the personal contact information for your precinct chair so that you can call and harass them.

To which I say...SWEEET.

Newsflash geniuses: all the information you need to contact your precinct chair is right on the HCRP website, so you don't have to call Wallace or his slick sales staff to get it.


Blogger Greg said...

Though as I like to point out, all it would take for said individual to be eligible for Talton's seat would be for her to rent an apartment in the district...

Not that I would ever accuse her of having such plans, or of behaving in an unethical manner in her quest to get a certain state rep. the nomination, regardless of the prefrences of the majority of the precinct chairs.

But in the end, I agree with your original assessment of the source.

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