Vicious Irony Alert

Over at Porkbusters, they have a guest post from Sen. John McCain (R-Batshit Insane). I have no great desire to disagree with the substance of his message. It is agreed around YPS that the government spends way too much money and needs to quit. It will end up doing damage to the Republican party. The grassroots, as exemplified by J and other folks, are pissed off. Whether the anger can be meaningfully transformed into some form of effective action is the question. Given that one of the front runners for the CD22 seat is not conservative in any meaningful sense, I’m guessing not.

However, I would like to point out one glaring statement. Cast your eyes upon this line:

I'm afraid it's because at times we value our incumbency more than our principles.
Excuse me for just one second.


John McCain is telling me politicians value incumbency over principle? The proud and self-satisfied sponsor of the most incumbent-protecting principle-trampling piece of legislation to come down the pike in my lifetime feels a need to lecture anybody about the issue? Oh, man, the irony is so thick you could cut it with a dull spork. Somebody needs to go back and reconsider what principles he really stands for before he starts spouting off about placing incumbency before principle. Seems to me you made that trade a long time ago, Johnny Boy. I’m not saying it’s too late for him to live up to his fine words now, but he’ll have to walk the walk for a long damn time to make up for his evisceration of the Constitution.

If he really believes the crap he’s spouting, his voting record should reflect. I ain’t holding my breath until that happens.


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